You might be wondering what the phrase Words & Wands means. The name came to me on a chilly October day in the heart of the Catskills.

I was attending a retreat hosted by Veronica Varlow at her home in Woodstock, NY, alongside a dozen bold, magical women.


Wild women on a trail just outside of Woodstock, NY.

Together, we crafted sigils — symbols designed with intention — based on the words we wanted to magnetize to ourselves. Whether those words were “badass radiant goddess” or simply “happy and healthy,” we were free to choose them and draw a symbol that would remind us of that phrase every time we looked at it.

“Remember, our words are wands,” Veronica told us, a reminder that the things we say about ourselves or our situations have true power. We can create our reality in the language we use to describe the world around us. It’s “thoughts become things” made manifest by speaking them aloud.

Sometime later, I discovered the work of a woman named Florence Scovel Shinn, a spiritual teacher and writer in the early 20th century. She wrote a book called Your Word Is Your Wand, which is basically the guide to “thoughts become things.” (That’s nearly 100 years ago that she was talking about manifestation and intuition–clearly ahead of her time!)


Found on Instagram

We have the power to change our days with the words we think and say. If you’re having a bad day, do you gripe and complain, or do you hold your head high and remind yourself of what’s going right at that moment?

And think about the words you might use to describe yourself. Would you want to use them to describe your best friend or your partner? To put it another way, do you talk down to yourself and focus on flaws, or do you use affirmations and point out your strengths instead?


Notebook courtesy of Roc Girl Gang.

Words are wands because they can cast a spell. The words you think, write, and speak aloud can shape your experience.

I chose the name Words & Wands for my website and my business because words are my wands. I use them when I write and edit. I’ve shaped my life through the words I think, write, and speak each day, and I want to show others that words can change their lives, too.

Want to charm your content with the right words?

Let’s work together. Contact me to get started with your next project.

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