With the year coming to a close, it’s time to plan ahead for the next 12 months. I love to build on the lessons I’ve learned over the past year to set my yearly goals. I also like to break out one of my tarot decks and see what the cards have in store for me.

If you like to read tarot for yourself, you might be wondering what you should ask the cards about the coming year. Look no further. These are five tarot spreads I love to use to help me mark major milestones and look ahead to the future. Enjoy!

The New Beginnings Tarot Spread

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Sometimes, though, we need guidance to see where we’re heading and learn how we can make the best of these situations. I created this reading to help point you in the right direction and help you start out on your journey.

This spread asks the following questions:

1. What change do you want to make?
2. What tools or resources do you have to make that change?
3. What obstacles might you face?
4. What’s the first step toward this new beginning?
5. What results might this new path bring?

New Beginnings Spread Numbered

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

When a situation calls for a more in-depth analysis, the classic Celtic Cross tarot spread is the reading you need. This tarot reading is suited for all occasions. Because it is so comprehensive, it’s an excellent reading to do around a major milestone, such as a new year.

Celtic Cross readings can vary according to tradition. I prefer to follow this format:

1. Querent (You)
2. Your challenge
3. Your past
4. Your future
5. A conscious motivation
6. A subconscious motivation
7. Internal influences
8. External influences
9. Your hopes/fears/feelings about the situation
10. A possible outcome

Celtic Cross Spread Numbered

The “Happy Birthday” Tarot Spread

Don’t let the name deceive you. While this is the “Happy Birthday” spread and thus suited for those times you turn another year older, this reading is also ideal for any annual celebration or for when you just want to know what the next year has in store for you.

This reading will cover:

1. You during the coming year
2. Crossing: challenge for the year
3. Something new for the year
4. What to move on from during the year
5. What to bring in for the year
6. What will guide/influence you for the year

Happy Birthday Spread Numbered

The Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread

In witchcraft, the eight sabbats in the Wheel of the Year are the major holidays and festivities of the year. These celebrations are spaced evenly throughout the year and mark the changes in seasons, among other events. In this tarot spread, each question corresponds with a specific point on the wheel of the year.

You don’t have to follow any particular path to take advantage of this tarot reading. The questions I crafted for this spread will give anyone a glimpse into important points throughout the upcoming year.

The spread asks the following questions:

1. Midwinter/Yule/ Winter Solstice (December 20 – 23): What gifts does the year have in store for you?
2. Imbolc (February 2): What should you dedicate yourself to over the coming year?
3. Ostara/Spring Equinox (March 19 -22): What new beginnings will you experience this year this year?
4. Beltane (May 1): What will you have in abundance this year?
5. Midsummer/Litha/Summer Solstice (June 19 – 23): What will be the high point of the year?
6. Lammas/Lughnasadh/Harvest (August 1): What do you need to work on this year?
7. Mabon/Fall Equinox (September 21 – 24): What will you be grateful for this year?
8. Samhain/Halloween (October 31/November 1): What mysteries will you uncover about yourself this year?

Wheel of the Year Spread Numbered

The “Year Ahead” Tarot Spread

When you’re looking forward to a new year, you can always benefit from a comprehensive look at the next 12 months.

Think of this as your yearly “tarotscope,” with a month-by-month review of your year. Perform the reading in January and check back in at the end of the year, or refer back to the cards each month for a look at the upcoming weeks.

The cards in this spread detail:

1. You during the following year
2. Your challenge over the next 12 months
3 – 14. Months 1 – 12

Year Ahead Spread Numbered

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