At the beginning of 2023, I decided that I would focus on my own projects: fiction writing, painting, and anything else that the Muses inspired. I vowed to go full Hermit-mode with my goals… which meant taking a break from producing zines, books, or blogs about practicing creativity. It was time to take my own advice.

But four months into the year, I realized I missed sharing those shorter-term projects and regular updates. And I was tired of the fleeting nature of Instagram stories and my social media-induced short attention span. I longed to get back to not only encouraging others to find their creative magic but have an outlet to share my own artistic processes and toolkit.

It’s time to get visionary

Introducing Visionary Alchemy on Substack. This new blog is dedicated to exploring the creative process and the magic we as creators use to make our visions a reality.

Consider this your regular guide to creative transformation. Artists, writers, musicians, magicians, misfits, and more are all welcome here.

What you can expect:

  • Creative process deep-dives: Writing, making art, and living creatively, with behind-the-scenes looks at my own practices.
  • Practical “magic”: The common sense tactics around goal-setting, habit-forming, and productivity that are required for sustaining your creativity.
  • Magic-magic: Spells, tarot, and all the other stuff you need for some art witchery.
  • And more: One thing I have planned is around business and marketing for creatives.

I’ll also share the inner workings of my creative practice — what I’m reading, learning, listening to, working on, and working through.

Read more about what else I have planned for you.

Why subscribe to Visionary Alchemy?

If you consider yourself a creative and/or magical person, then Visionary Alchemy is for you.

And if you don’t consider yourself creative or magical, then doubly so. Because as you read Visionary Alchemy, my aim is to show you how visionary you are.

And if you like both of those things — creativity and magic — then you’ve stumbled onto the right Substack.

Read for free and enter your email to get updates.

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