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Words and Wands Logo CircleWhen wielded together, Words & Wands cast a magic spell. My mission is to bring out the magic in what you do through the power of the written word.

If you need custom-crafted content, a critical eye for a finished project, or guidance on your writing and strategy, I’m ready to offer my expertise.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jen Meli: a writer, editor, consultant, and coach.

In kindergarten, I had begun “writing” stories by scribbling the few words I knew how to spell. As a kid, I spent many rainy Saturday afternoons sitting on the floor in my parents’ house creating miniature books and magazines. During my teens, I dedicated Saturday mornings and weekday evenings to attending workshops at Writers & Books, a nonprofit that offers creative writing classes in the city of Rochester.

About-MeThat early love of writing has carried through my education and career. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies. As I was earning my master’s degree in English and creative writing, I began tutoring college students on writing. Later, I continued tutoring and taught college composition classes, where I instructed students on the basics of essay writing, grammar, and academic research.

I switched gears in 2014 to work as a copywriter and editor for a marketing agency. Following that, I worked as the content marketer for a local technology company. For a closer look at my professional work, view my portfolio and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Today, I live in Rochester with my husband Joe and our adorably ferocious cat Charlie. In my spare time, I’m a fiction writer, tarot card reader, and artist.

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