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So Many Wonderful Things

On a Thursday morning in June, I drifted in and out of sleep. The last dream I had came to me as the sun rose. In my dream, my husband Joe and I were getting our house ready for a visitor. My grandfather would arrive at any moment. When my grandfather pulled his car into the driveway, Joe and I went outside to greet … Read More So Many Wonderful Things


Just Out of View

Annie was five years old when she discovered she could make objects disappear into thin air.

One late summer afternoon, Annie sat on the living room floor with her Mama. Her grandmother smiled down at her from the couch.


40 Things to Do Before I Turn 40

This July, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Although I’ve set my annual goals each January for years, I sometimes find it challenging to focus on the long term. The last time I remember coming up with as much as a five-year plan was, perhaps oddly, in the middle of a job interview many years ago. I was fresh out of college and in need … Read More 40 Things to Do Before I Turn 40