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How to Make 2020 Your Most Creative Year Ever

As the year winds down, I’m reflecting on how 2019 shaped up. The verdict? I can safely say that this was my most creative year yet. To name a few things: I painted nearly a dozen pictures, completed an art journal, drew silly comic strips, published an article on LinkedIn, sent colorful postcards to friends and family, added new decorations to my home, rebranded … Read More How to Make 2020 Your Most Creative Year Ever


Just Out of View

Annie was five years old when she discovered she could make objects disappear into thin air.

One late summer afternoon, Annie sat on the living room floor with her Mama. Her grandmother smiled down at her from the couch.


Why the Name Words & Wands?

You might be wondering what the phrase Words & Wands means. The name came to me on a chilly October day in the heart of the Catskills.