Your muse is pushing you to take action and live your boldest, most creative life.

It’s time to listen and make those ideas manifest.

Introducing The Muse Manifesto

The Muse Manifesto is a digital magazine for anyone daring to live a creative life. The inaugural Winter 2022 issue is centered around making the new year your boldest and most creative year. It includes nearly 70 pages of reflection exercises, rituals, and new routines to implement in 2022.

(Best of all: it’s free. Download the issue at the link below.)

Contents of the Winter 2022 issue:

  • 22 questions to ask yourself to start 2022
  • A guide to writing your creative manifesto
  • 9 signs it’s time for a social media detox
  • A simple ritual to release limiting beliefs
  • An easy morning routine for anyone who isn’t a morning person
  • 12 reading recommendations for creative inspiration
  • What to include in a bullet journal
  • How to synch your creativity with the phases of the moon
  • Tarot spreads and spells
  • And more!

Download the issue below.

Why The Muse Manifesto?

The Muse Manifesto is a radical declaration of your creative power.

Learn more about the name on the blog.

Download the Winter 2022 Issue

(PDF may take a minute to download due to file size.)

Coming Spring/Summer 2022: The Muse Manifesto Creative Retreat issue

(Questions? Comments? Contact me any time.)