The Muse Manifesto is a digital magazine for anyone daring to live a creative life. All issues of the ‘zine are free on Gumroad (or name a price if you’re feeling generous). Download below.

Issue 3: Creative Magic

The Autumn Creative Magic issue focuses on the mystical intersection between art and alchemy and is packed with prompts and rituals for the changing season. This issue features:

  • Tarot for writers: Storytelling and character development questions based on the 22 Major Arcana cards in the tarot
  • How to design your artist’s altar
  • How to make your own oracle cards
  • Rituals and tarot spreads to tap into your creative magic
  • Color magic and crystals for creativity
  • A chaos magic ritual for combatting the inner critic
  • Journal prompts for the change in season
  • An overview of the nine Muses and when to call on them
  • A seasonal reading list and playlist
  • And more!

Issue 2: Your D.I.Y. Creative Retreat

The Spring/Summer issue is focused on ways you can have your own creative retreat. You’ll discover:

  • How to hold space for yourself with an at-home creative retreat
  • What self-care looks like for artists
  • Why you should not only read but live The Artist’s Way
  • What it means to “find your magic”
  • How to use design thinking to gamify your mornings
  • Ways to help your ideas flourish — and your creative blocks to disappear
  • How to discover your creative strengths
  • Alternative ways to tap into your creativity (like forest bathing and guided meditation)
  • The signs it’s time to take a break
  • And more!
The Muse Manifesto issue 2 cover

Issue 1: Your Year of Bold Creativity

The inaugural Winter issue is centered around making the new year your boldest and most creative year. Contents include:

  • 22 questions to ask yourself to start your year
  • A guide to writing your creative manifesto
  • 9 signs it’s time for a social media detox
  • A simple ritual to release limiting beliefs
  • An easy morning routine for anyone who isn’t a morning person
  • 12 reading recommendations for creative inspiration
  • What to include in a bullet journal
  • How to synch your creativity with the phases of the moon
  • Tarot spreads and spells
  • And more!

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