If you want to live your most creative and magical life, The Creative Arcana will help you get there. This tarot-inspired grimoire (or spellbook) is filled with rituals and practical magic to empower your creative practice.

What’s inside?

Each of the eBook’s 22 chapters is centered around a card from the Major Arcana in the tarot and filled with spells, creative activities, journaling prompts, and other rituals for calling in your most creative self.

Your assignments in each chapter fall into two categories:

  • As Above: Spellwork, rituals, and witch “crafting” ideas to bring your higher self to your art
  • So Below: Questions and activities designed to bring some practical magic to your creative practice

In The Creative Arcana, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find what really fascinates and inspires you and use it to spark your creativity
  • Release long-held limiting beliefs about yourself as an artist
  • Design your magical and creative spaces with intention
  • Practice color magic, candle magic, and chaos magic
  • Make your own custom-made oracle deck
  • Create powerful spell bottles, sachets, and sigils to invite positive change into your life
  • Declare your creative superpowers by writing your manifesto and dream biography
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the archetypes and symbols in the Major Arcana cards in the tarot

Preview the book below:

The Creative Arcana also includes:

  • Minor Arcana Magic: 40 prompts and creative dares based on the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands
  • Goal-Setting Guidance: 4 worksheets for setting goals and planning projects, based on wisdom from the Court Cards in the tarot
  • A list of 50+ additional resources: Books, tarot decks, courses, and more to help you continue making creative magic
  • The Tarot Cheat Sheet: A quick-and-easy guide to reading tarot cards for divination

Why read The Creative Arcana?

By the end of this book, you will have examined your long-held limiting beliefs and dismantled them to build something better. You’ll have new resources at your disposal for those times when you’re not sure of your next steps. You’ll become confident in your ability to plan ahead and share your vision with the world. And finally, you’ll connect to and fall in love with your own creativity and magic in all new ways.

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