Introducing The Creative Arcana: A Coven for Magical Makers

The Creative Arcana is for magical makers of all kinds. Every week, you’ll get activities, spells, and rituals, plus the option for one-on-one support, to help you rediscover your inner mystic and creative visionary.

The Creative Arcana is for you if you are…
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  • a writer
  • an artist
  • a musician
  • a photographer
  • a filmmaker
  • a performance artist
  • a crafter
  • a podcaster
  • an entrepreneur
  • someone with a passion project, side job, or creative hobby
  • someone who wants to get back to a regular creative practice — or develop one for the first time ever!

Whether you’re a seasoned creative pro or an enthusiastic hobbyist, you are welcome in The Creative Arcana. Best of all, it’s free!

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What can you expect in The Creative Arcana?

I’ve used tarot so many times as a tool for introspection and insight into my creativity, especially when I’m feeling stuck or unsure of my next move. Then I realized the questions I ask myself might help you understand yourself as a creative, too.

Each week, you get:
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  • An introduction to an archetype or symbol in the tarot with a lesson connecting this concept to creativity
  • Practical questions and activities designed to help you see your inner creative in a whole new light: creative dares, discussions, and opportunities for introspection
  • Spellwork, rituals, and witch “crafting” ideas (using easy-to-find items) to bring your higher self to your art: visualization exercises, candle spells, chaos magick, and even a session on making your own oracle cards
  • More bonus content TBA

We start with the new beginnings and daring spirit of The Fool as we plant the seeds for our creativity to flourish. We’ll continue with the rest of the 22-card Major Arcana to the end of the year and work through the 56-card Minor Arcana in 2021.

Every four to five weeks, we’ll have “integration” time to focus on your work. On these weeks, you’ll get a sneak peak at the weekly exercises to come and bite-sized inspo to help keep you going.

The lessons and activities will be available on Patreon to give you access to everything in one convenient spot. This isn’t a formal course — do as many or as few of the activities as you like. After all, The Creative Arcana should complement your creative practice — not take you away from it!

And in case you were wondering: You don’t need to know anything about tarot or the metaphysical to join in. You don’t have to be a witch or follow any particular spiritual path, either. 

If you are a creative person (and you are!), then you already have that magic within you. These practices will guide you in connecting with your creative spirit. All creators, all paths, all genders, all ages, all people welcome!

Best of all: the content for The Creative Arcana is available publicly for free!

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What I’m bringing to you

From taking writing workshops and art classes in school to later getting my master’s degree in creative writing, I have always made creativity a priority. In times when I’ve felt lost or sad, creating is what has always saved me. Over the past couple of years, I’ve recommitted to writing and making art as much as possible and have seen huge improvements in my happiness and well-being as a result. 

I’ve learned we’re never too late to learn and grow, and we’re never done creating. Our potential is limitless — both in our ability to create and in our ability to feel good! 

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The world needs your creative gifts

If you’re seeking to reconnect to your magical and creative spirit, then The Creative Arcana is the place for you.

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