Everything You Need to Know About Veronica Varlow’s Magickal Retreat

Are you searching for wild, magical adventures? Do you long to make true connections in a close-knit community? Have you wanted to deepen your spiritual practices in a supportive environment where all are welcome?

I want to invite you to my personal happy place: Veronica Varlow’s Witch Camp! Here’s everything you need to know about this magickal retreat.

What is Witch Camp?

Witch Camp is a weeklong retreat hosted by Veronica Varlow, focused on creating magic and ritual in a supportive and empowering community. Veronica Varlow is the author of the bestselling book Bohemian Magick, an international burlesque superstar, tarot reader and teacher (I learned from her), and founder of Witch Camp.

Previously, the retreats took place at Veronica’s Curiosa Magic House in the mountains of Woodstock, New York. The most recent and upcoming Witch Camp sessions are in a gorgeous Victorian mystery mansion in New Orleans. In addition to the luxurious accommodations, the retreat includes delicious vegetarian meals and plenty of time to explore the Crescent City!

The 2022 Witch Camp, in review:

  • A beautiful welcome dinner (with all of us in matching red cloaks)
  • Choosing our own grimoires from the “Tree of Story”
  • Divination and candle-carving
  • Sigil-making and sigil songs (I know you want to know what that is!)
  • Mediumship lessons, meditations, and sound baths
  • Ceremonial handwashing and “priestessing” for one another
  • An initiation around the bonfire, where Veronica gave us a custom, handcrafted gift to remember our Witch Camp experience forever

And while there’s plenty of magic, it’s not all ritual! We had time to do things like see the sights of the French Quarter and take a stroll around the artsy neighborhood surrounding the mystery mansion. We also had nights in, bonding late into the night over tacos from a nearby takeout place. If you’ve missed that slumber party vibe from your preteen years, or if you’ve ever wanted to live out your midnight-margaritas-Practical Magic dreams, then Witch Camp is the place to be.

Swipe for a few of my Witch Camp 2022 photos:

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What is it like to attend Witch Camp?

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few different Witch Camp retreats — both in Woodstock and in New Orleans in October 2022. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve met the most fascinating people, come home feeling refreshed, and found all new ways to deepen my magical practice.

I know from experience that traveling to a retreat in a new place where you haven’t met anyone before can be intimidating. It’s a fear that I had to overcome myself.

I attended my first retreat in June 2016. I was so shy that I had to work up the courage just to say “hi” to the other witches there. I felt like I was too inexperienced and had no right to call myself a witch.

Yet during that weekend, I realized that we all had our own stories. Everyone there was at a different stage of their witchcraft practice, and we all needed something to remind us of just how powerful we are. By the time I left, I’d made a bunch of new friends and gained a newfound sense of confidence.

And it was so good that I keep going back for more.

I’ve written about Witch Camp in my ‘zine and my book.

Just for you: I’ve put together an all-new mini-zine all about my Witch Camp adventures, including the story of the first retreat I ever attended and one of the most powerful rituals I’ve done at a retreat. Download it for free here.

Who is Witch Camp for?

Every Witch Camp retreat I’ve been to has always been a safe and accepting environment. Even when I was brand new — to attending the retreat and to witchcraft — I felt that I was exactly where I needed to be.

From the official retreat page, The Witch Camp Creed lays it out:

Witch Camp welcomes all levels of experience from brand-new beginners to advanced practitioners. We believe that everyone has their own unique magick to share and also to learn at Witch Camp. This retreat is open to all female, queer, trans, non-binary and two spirit identified people. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes differences in age, race, ethnicity, natural origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity, because when we learn and share our unique experiences in a thriving, safe community, that’s where the real magick happens. 

That being said, Witch Camp is not for you if you aren’t a fan of practicing in a supportive community, if your preferred spells are hexes, or if you look down on others for what they do or don’t know about magick.

And if you’re worried about being surrounded by a bunch of Mean Girl witches, fear not! One thing about Witch Camp attendees I’ve noticed is that we all want to help each other. Whether it’s cleaning up our dishes after a shared meal together, or making sure that everyone feels included and has their story heard, kindness is a cornerstone of this coven. No Regina Georges allowed!

… But on Wednesdays, we wear black! 🖤

Start your Witch Camp adventure

The Spring 2023 sessions have ended, but Witch Camp will return.

In the meantime, check out Veronica’s Love Witch Tarot School — an online tarot course that you can take from anywhere!

Have questions? I’d love to help! Contact me via email or on Instagram @jen.meli.

See you around the cauldron!

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